To get the best copywriting rates, follow these 5 simple tips (plus bonus tip!):

5. Foster a good relationship

Copywriters are known to drop their rates for businesses or individuals who are easy to work with, not as a reward but because a client that pays on time, responds to emails, and is clear about their needs will require less administrative time. You know that old saying that 10% of the people take up 90% of your time? Well if you are in that 10% you better believe that you are paying for that time.

Establishing a long term relationship is the best way to get consistent results for a consistent and reasonable rate.

4. Pay a retainer or make a partial payment upfront

Many copywriters work on a freelance basis and even large agencies work on contract. Ask any contractor what their biggest issue is and they will almost always say getting paid. Almost all copywriters require a retainer fee to protect themselves against unscrupulous payment practices. Most will offer a discount in return for a larger retainer, or for a larger upfront payment.

3. Don’t rush

Most copywriters (and freelancers in general) will charge a rush fee for rush jobs. The exact time period depends on each person or company. Working with constant deadlines means that a sudden job can result in considerable administrative work, missed deadlines, and overtime hours.

2. Know what you want and make it clear

Knowing as much detail as possible makes it far easier for copywriters to do their job quickly. If you approach a copywriter with a clear idea of what you want, then they can bring you back an accurate (and most likely lower) quote quickly.

Things to consider:

  • Topic
  • Target audience
  • Number of words
  • Keywords
  • Type (email marketing, blog, webpage etc.)
  • Delivery date
  • Examples of similar works
  • Any other relevant info

1. Shop around

Compare rates, get quotes, and don’t settle for less. Remember that ‘good value’ and ‘inexpensive’ are not synonymous. Yes you can hire a copywriter for $10, but no it will not be good value.

Once you have done a bit of research you should have a general idea of how much copy writers in your area charge.

Bonus Tip/Shameless self-promotion offers competitive rates on high calibre content that packs a serious (marketing) punch.