We are Write Content Marketing.

Our philosophy is simple: content is king. There is no substitute for well written, high quality content. And we aren’t the only ones that think so – quality has always been Google’s most important ranking factor.

Quality content converts skeptics into believers, visitors into leads, and leads into sales. We are Write Content Marketing. We are your copywriting and digital marketing solution.


The Write Content Marketing Team

RIhard Beattie

Richard Beattie

Founder and Director

After graduating from Queen’s University Richard began working as a copywriter, and digital marketer with a focus on generating sales through organic website growth. His work has focused on SEO, SMM, and content strategy to build brand trust and recognition,  improve SERP rank, increase traffic, generate leads and ultimately drive sales for growing businesses. Richard is currently the Senior Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant at Continental Currency Exchange, and a Digital Content Strategist and Copywriter at Creative Campbellville. He also provides ongoing consulting and content to small businesses and startups. You can email Richard at or find him on LinkedIn.

Richard personally edits and signs off on all work completed by Write Content Marketing.


Aislinn Shoveller Write Content Marketing

Aislinn Shoveller

Consultant – Start Up Specialist

Aislinn has worked extensively in the tech space in Toronto, Waterloo, Guelph, and London, UK. While not working on her latest venture, Overture Donor Forum, Aislinn studies product management and lends her insights to other burgeoning start up companies. Her expertise is invaluable when designing effective content strategy for startups and small businesses.


Conlon Prasad-Jones Write Content Marketing

Conlon Prasad-Jones

Consultant – Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist

Conlon is a seasoned copywriter in the financial sector and travel industry. A content marketing specialist, Conlon has experience editing, optimising content, creating content schedules, and circulating newsletters with a high conversion rate.


Adrian_Write Content Marketing

Adrian Beattie

Outside Copywriter

Adrian graduated from University of Toronto Mississauga with a degree in Theatre and English. Copywriting provides him with the opportunity to explore a range of topics and refine his style accordingly. When not writing content he is writing, directing, and acting in productions around Toronto.


If you would like to get in touch, connect with us at or via our Contact Us page.