Professional Blog Writing and Managment Packages

Blogging is now a marketing necessity for businesses of all sizes across every sector. But researching, writing and publishing a regular blog takes a considerable amount of time – more time than most business owners or marketing agencies can afford to spare. That is why Write Content Marketing offers competitive blog writing and management packages.

Every blog package is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and includes:

  • Initial Consultation and Research: we work with you to define your brand’s voice, target demographics, competition, and keywords. We then embark on comprehensive keyword and industry research to inform the planning and scheduling of blog content.
  • Planning and Scheduling: a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule of blog topics including content delivery times.
  • Writing and Editing: your blog content is written and edited to meet our high standards and yours.
  • Social Media: We provide social media content to promote your blog.

Additional/optional services

  • Content Management: we will handle the entire blog posting process, from planning to posting it directly onto your website (note: this requires access to the back end of your site).
  • Third party blog publication: we will create a blog separate from your website (either branded or unbranded) on a blog hosting platform, or a separate website.
  • Free Stock Images: you’ll receive stock images to complement each and every blog post (you can also opt to provide your own images)
  • Image Optimization: any stock images used in your content will be optimized to ensure your blog loads quickly – a crucial factor in SEO
  • Branding and CTAs: You decide how heavily branded your blog is. Choose anything from a completely unbranded blog published separate from your website, to heavily branded content relating directly to your brand, services, or products.
  • Choose your author: post your blog without an author listed, under your name, under the name of your employees, or under a pen name in either first, second or third person.


Comprehensive Monthly Blog Packages!