Why Content (Marketing) is King

Consumers are more empowered than ever before. The rise of the internet proved to be cataclysmic, but not fatal blow to traditional marketing and advertising – to survive the industry had to evolve.

Offer something in return

Modern consumers – especially millennials – won’t give you something for nothing. And why would they? Already so many businesses are marketing to them in a way that provides them with real value. If you want consumers to pay attention, you need to offer something in return. Create content with real value and consumers will pay attention. 

Ad-block apps 

The new marketing reality does not exclusively apply to traditional channels like television, radio, or print. Online marketing is constantly evolving as well. Banner ads and annoying pop-ups are out. Even highly targeted and pay per click ads are being ignored by savvy consumers thanks to ad-blocking apps. This trend will only increase in the coming years.

There are two ways to handle ad blocking software and jaded advertising adverse consumers. The first is to fight it. Some companies are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to create annoying barriers that restrict their content from users that have ad blocking apps installed on their browsers – but it is a losing battle.

The cost of alienating consumers far outweighs a sliver more revenue generated by online ads. The second option is to embrace change. Provide consumers with real value. Give them content for free, but in a way that promotes your business and enhances the user experience. This is the theory behind search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and other forward looking marketing methods.

Offer Real Value

There is one very simple secret to SEO, SMM, and advertising and marketing today: content is king.